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SmarTek 2016 Newest Folding Electric Bicycle Safe Climbing Capacity S-020-6

1: Safe Climbing Capacity
Ergonomically designed, Comfortable & Healthy
2: Practicality

The Hard Truth
XEUANHWOL is born to electric bikes, producing more than your imagination.
3: Suitable for any places

You can go anywhere more conveniently and efficiently

       Shopping mall
4: Do you always encounter these problems?
01 Delayed by a Traffic Jam
02  Exhausted after a Long Walk
03 Car Park is Full
04 Packed like Sardines in Public Vehicles

5:Imported Lithium Battery

The bike can run about 30 km in pure electric mode, about 40 km in power assistant mode. The distance per charge is affected by temperature, rider's weight and road condition

6: Sixfold Safety Protection ------
    Temperature protection - Apply the technology of thermal resistance and temperature control, ensuring that the battery                works within the range of safe temperature
     PTC protection - When the temperature or the current exceeds the upper limit, PTC circuit protector can effectively control            the current so as to protect the safety of the electric core
    Output over-voltage protection - When the output voltage exceeds the upper limit, the output is shut down automatically to          protect the motor.
     Short circuit protection - The fuse ensures automatic protection during short circuit to prevent damage to the main board and      the battery.

    Battery over charge & over discharge protection - Special lithium battery protection devices effectively avoid the battery from        over charge and over discharge.
    Output over-current protection - When the output current exceeds the limit, the output is automatically shut down.


Product Specification

Lithium-ion power battery
Battery removable
Aluminum alloy integrated folding frame
Motor power
240W brushless gear motor
Max load
Charging time
6-8 hours
Distance per Charge
10-100km(pure electric) Storage temperature:0-50ºC
Drive mode
Rear-wheel electric drive
14 inch wear-resistant tires
the distance per charge is 65-75KM for 14AH battery while 85-95KM for 18AH battery

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