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SmarTek skateboard with big wheels- Max speed 35KM/H S-019-3

Product Specification:

Endurance: 25Km  
Top speed :35Km/h
Material: 2 layers bamboo and 8 layers maples
Battery Capacity: 11AH;Type: 36V Lithium battery;Weight:2500g
Charge time: 6H
Cycle life: around 800 times
Motor Type:Brushless N63  motor 
Motor Power: Dual-motor each 1650W
Wheel Material:Pneumatic tire; Size:200mm*50mm
Remote Battery Capacity:800mah; Battery type:Lithium battery;Charge time:1hours
Weight :N.W14kg   G.W18.5kg
Packing size:122cm*47cm*27cm

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